CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Division of Police (CPD) on Feb. 24 received the keys to its new 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid as part of an award from the Ford Motor Company for helping boost consumers' fuel-economy awareness, according to the Web site, The Ford Hybrid Patrol tour worked with hundreds of officers across the country to boost their knowledge on becoming green with hybrid technology. Last fall, 11 police departments from around the country participated in the Ford Hybrid Patrol, an educational tour on hybrid technology and fuel-saving techniques. Each participating department was entered into a drawing to win a new Mercury Mariner Hybrid. At the conclusion of the Ford Hybrid Patrol national tour, the CPD was randomly selected as the winner of the new premium compact hybrid SUV from Ford. When the Ford Hybrid Patrol arrived at each city, officers were enrolled in fuel-economy clinics and participated in driving challenges to discover the most "fuel-efficient" officer in Ford's hybrids. Of the 38 police representatives that participated in the fuel economy challenge, officers' fuel economy averaged 45.38 miles per gallon. The officer earning the best fuel economy from each city was then entered into a random drawing to win a 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid for their police department. Taking the Ford Hybrid Patrol to the streets, police officers, with help from Ford hybrid engineers, went patrolling to give drivers citations for good driving behavior. In Ford hybrids outfitted for patrol, officers surprised thousands of local drivers “caught in the act” of demonstrating good gas-saving practices. Drivers were “ticketed” with $25 gas cards provided by BP and additional fuel-saving tips for efficient driving practices. Over the three-month national tour Ford and BP distributed more than $65,000 worth of free gas to consumers.