TOPEKA, KS – The State of Kansas is saving $5-$6 million a year with improved management of its vehicle fleet, and it captured $28 million in one-time savings from various policy changes, according to the Associated Press. One such change included ending the state’s central motor pool and selling off hundreds of state cars. In November 2003, when Gov. Kathleen Sebelius announced several cost-cutting initiatives, the state’s fleet, not including the Kansas Highway Patrol and state universities, totaled almost 4,300 cars, trucks, and vans, including 1,500 in a central motor pool used by agencies when their own fleets weren’t sufficient. Sebelius imposed a two-year moratorium on new vehicles purchases, dissolved the central motor pool, and ordered the sale of unnecessary vehicles. The state fleet is expected to be 3,400 vehicles by Jun. 30, 2007.