BISMARCK, ND – With the recent acquisition of 180 new 2006 sedans and four pickups, North Dakota’s state fleet now has a total of 282 E-85 vehicles out of a total passenger fleet of 825 vehicles. In 2000, the fleet had just eight vehicles able to use E-85. At the same time, the number of fueling stations offering E-85 across North Dakota has reached 30, according to the Farm and Ranch Guide. Over the past year, three new biofuels projects have been announced in North Dakota: two new ethanol plants with a combined capacity of 100 million gallons, and a biodiesel plant that will produce 50 million gallons annually. In addition, five new wind energy projects are underway in the state, with a combined capacity of more than 330 megawatts. Efforts to promote clean coal technology, coal liquefaction, oil, and gas are also underway.