CHICAGO – A former Chicago city truck driver has sued to get his job back. The truck driver claimed in court documents that he was fired for refusing to do campaign work and make political donations, according to the Associated Press. He was a truck driver for more than 10 years in the forestry bureau of Chicago’s Streets and Sanitation Department before being fired in 2003. In documents filed in federal court, the truck driver claimed he was threatened with termination because he complained about on-the-job campaigning. He also said benefits such as overtime and paid time off were given only to politically connected workers, according to the Associated Press report. City attorneys declined to comment on the allegations. The truck driver previously alleged that he was subjected to racial slurs and was fired after filing discrimination charges with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. City officials denied the allegations and said he was fired after he confronted a supervisor and refused to take a drug or alcohol test, according to the Associated Press.