PIERRE, SD — According to South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, the state Bureau of Administration’s Fleet and Travel Management will replace current fleet vehicles with 251 E-85 flex-fuel vehicles (FFV), as reported in the Black Hills Today newspaper. South Dakota currently has eleven operating ethanol production plants with three new plants under construction, with an estimated production capacity of 775 million gallons per year by the end of 2006. Approximately 275 million bushels of South Dakota corn will be used for ethanol by December 2006. According to the Web site www.rapidcityjournal.com/, Rapid City, South Dakota, might follow the state’s lead when buying replacement vehicles for the city fleet. The city’s public works committee recently voted to prepare a resolution that, if approved, would require the city to consider buying E-85 vehicles when available. The draft resolution is set to be discussed at the public works committee meeting on Tues., Dec. 13.