MADISON, IN — Rotary, a vehicle lift manufacturer, offers free professional facility planning assistance through its assistPRO program, available to fleets, dealers, and independent repair facilities that service any type of vehicle, as well as their architects. Rotary has recently expanded the assist-PRO program to include training courses and a Web portal. AssistPRO experts work with customers and their local Rotary distributors to analyze vehicle turning radius and traffic flow for the types of vehicles to be serviced at an individual facility. From this information, they determine the optimum shop width, where lifts need to be placed, and how much work space there will be around each. Then they analyze lift capabilities to the customer’s current and future lifting needs to recommend a comprehensive lift selection plan. At the end of the process, the customer receives a custom layout of the service facility with all lifts placed appropriately to make the best use of the space. The final drawings are provided in the format that works best for the customer: electronic pdf documents, color prints, or CAD drawings. Many of the tools architects and other planners need to incorporate vehicle lifts into a maintenance facility design are available through the assistPRO Web portal found under “Rotary Services” in the “Services and Support” tab of Here they can research product information and download written lift specifications and CAD blocks compatible with architectural software. For more information about assistPRO or any other Rotary Lift products or services, call (800) 640-5438 or visit