MARYVILLE, TN — The City of Maryville has decided to fuel its fleet entirely with biodiesel, according to the Daily Times newspaper. The city’s decision follows a trial run of B-20 that began in Sept. 2004. City Spokeswoman Pam Arnett said a selection of fleet vehicles ran efficiently on biodiesel, without additional maintenance, at no extra cost to the city. The cost of diesel and bio-diesel is currently comparable to gasoline. Two hundred city diesel vehicles, including fire trucks, garbage trucks, and backhoes, will now be fueled with biodiesel, according to the Daily Times article. City Manager Gary Hensley said the city’s decision to use B-20 stems from local air quality problems that have led to nonattainment of federal standards for ozone and fine particles. The fuel reduces emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, fine particles, and other pollutants, and also increases fuel economy up to 5 percent.