FT. WAYNE, IN – Allen County officials will again examine how effectively its fleet of take-home vehicles is used, according to The Journal Gazette. Members of a take-home car committee met to discuss the issue after almost 10 months under a revised policy. County Council President Darren Vogt said the county will conduct a four-week study beginning this month to look at how many miles county cars are driven. “We’re kind of starting over again, if you will,” he said, according to The Journal Gazette. The county commissioners approved a policy in December that governed the use of about 200 county-owned cars driven by employees out of a fleet of more than 300 vehicles. The policy specifies which employees are allowed to use the cars and requires that take-home cars must be driven at least 6,000 business miles a year. Since that time, Vogt said only the health department has made any substantial change in its fleet, moving 20 take-home vehicles to pool cars and removing 10 vehicles altogether. County Commissioner Nelson Peters said the study will be used to determine whether last year’s policy was effective. “We want to make a determination whether there still exists too many take-home cars out there,” he said, according to The Journal Gazette. He said he hoped to complete the study by the end of the year and determine whether a new pol-icy is required. He and Vogt questioned where the 6,000-mile cutoff originated and said that will be examined. Vogt said the purpose was to ensure the county was getting a better deal with each take-home car versus paying an employee 40.5 cents per business mile driven. He said employees should not have take-home vehicles if they are primarily used for commuting between work and home.