RESTON, VA – MAXIMUS, a provider of consulting, health, and human services program management, and information technology services, has signed contracts for its integrated fleet and fuel management solution with three cities in North America. The city of Atlanta, a MAXIMUS FleetFocus client since 1996, recently contracted for FuelFocus for its 16 fueling locations. Adding FuelFocus to FleetFocus enabled all of the city’s fleet and fuel data to reside in the same database, offering benefits such as real-time updating of fuel transactions and real-time validating of odometer readings. The city of Calgary Supply Management Business Unit was looking for a proven, flexible, and affordable packaged hardware and software solution designed to meet all the needs of a busy municipal fueling operation. Already an existing MAXIUMS FleetFocus customer since 1989, Calgary contracted for FuelFocus to capture fuel transactions in real-time via radio-frequency technology. Finally, MAXIUMS contracted for its fully integrated FleetFocus/FuelFocus solution to the city of Detroit’s Public Works Department, which operates a fleet of 4,500 vehicles maintained at five garages and fuels at 13 sites. In addition to improving the tracking of its fleet and fueling operations with a single solution, MAXIMUS is providing integration between FleetFocus and the city’s cinfance and purchasing system. Within the past 12 months, MAXIMUS has grown its transportation software solution customer list to include more than 120 cities across the U.S. and Canada and 37 of the 50 most populated cities in the U.S.