LAS VEGAS – With gas prices hitting record highs, the fleet manager for the city of Las Vegas says hydrogen cars may have a future in the city, according to the Web site, Las Vegas is the only desert climate in which hydrogen cars are being tested. The purpose for testing them in the desert is to make sure they can withstand the valley's extreme temperatures. The Las Vegas City Council voted to accept a lease agreement with American Honda to test-drive two hydrogen-powered vehicles earlier this year. The cost was only $14,000 to the city. The vehicles are powered by the electricity generated by hydrogen and oxygen. Fleet Manager Don Hyde says, in the long run, the city will end up saving money. "Overall costs are going to be significantly lower over time because our maintenance costs are going to go down by the nature of the fact that they burn cleaner. You don't have any of the carbon build up as you do with the conventional fuels, like gas and diesel."