BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – A union official is criticizing city of Binghamton officials for their treatment of a garbage truck driver after a crash in which he and two co-workers were hurt, according to the Web site, Robert Firmstone of Teamsters Local 6-9-3 says it's not right that the driver wound up with a ticket for operating a vehicle with inadequate brakes. The crash happened June 20th when a 20-year-old city-owned trash truck lost its brakes and overturned on a steep street. Firmstone says Binghamton officials are trying to "lay all the blame" for the crash of the truck with bad brakes on the driver. The union official says the city's truck fleet is old and many of the vehicles need to be replaced. He says the city should defend the driver who was ticketed because the he wasn't to blame for the equipment problem that resulted in the crash. Firmstone is advising city workers to refuse to drive any vehicles they believe to be unsafe.