ATLANTA – Livia Whisenhunt, president and CEO of PS Energy Group, Inc., was appointed by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to the Board of Directors of the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA). Whisenhunt succeeds Richard Tucker on the GRTA Board. Her term of office began June 6, 2005, and will end June 1, 2009. Formed in 1999, GRTA’s mission is to improve Georgia’s mobility, air quality, and land use practices. This is accomplished through cooperative ventures with local, state, federal, and private partners linking land use regulations and planning agencies and transportation agencies. PS Energy Group, Inc. is an Atlanta-based energy marketing and fleet services company specializing in providing value-added companion services for automated vehicle tracking, inventory management, and fuel management since 1985. PS Energy markets nationally to small- to mid-size, service-based businesses, utilities, local/state/federal agencies, and private industry. Whisenhunt’s previous appointments were in 1996, when she was appointed by the lieutenant governor of the State of Georgia to the House Competitive Natural Gas Service Study Committee, which was established to study and make recommendations regarding the deregulation of the natural gas distribution system in the state. And in July 1999, when she was appointed to serve as the Southeastern Region chairperson to the Federal Regulatory Fairness Board (REGFAIR), a board established by Congress and the President, under the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996, to represent small businesses and comment on the enforcement activities of federal regulatory agencies.