SALT LAKE COUNTY, UT – Salt Lake County has announced another overhaul of its fleet operations by selling many of its cars, parking dozens of take-home vehicles, adding hybrids, and switching some SUVs to sedans, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. A draft copy obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune reveals the recommendations and others from a mayoral task force that has scrutinized the fleet program since February. Of the county's 2,286 vehicles, nearly 10 percent of the fleet would be eliminated, saving taxpayers "millions" over the next decade, according to Public Works Director John Patterson. According to the report, the recommendation to be issued this week calls for a five-member fleet management board to decide all car purchases, instead of fleet managers. The draft states that the board's involvement "ensures that the process is transparent and date-driven." Workers logging fewer than 1,000 miles a month could lose their taxpayer-provided wheels, according to the draft. Any county vehicles driven more than 1,700 miles a month could be replaced by gas-electric hybrids. All eliminated vehicles would be sold as surplus, the report states.