CLEVELAND – The city of Cleveland has been spending thousands of dollars at car washes all over the city to keep its fleet vehicles clean, according to NewsChannel5. As reported, tax dollars are being spent to clean the cars. The Cleveland Police Department is the biggest spender, Ron Regan said, the investigating reporter for NewsChannel5. Deputy Police Chief Lester Foltz said that it's very important the vehicles look good. The city recently laid off 250 officers, but spent more than $70,000 at the local car washes, Regan reported. Two cars drove through the car wash five times in one week, and another car was washed twice in one day, according to NewsChannel5. Regan reported that other cities have come up with ways to have clean cars and cut costs. Police cars in Lorain also use the car wash, but the cost is paid for by donations. The city of Akron, Ohio, is building its own car wash so taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for commercial car washes. NewsChannel5 reported seeing Cleveland city vehicles being washed at two different car washes blocks away from a city-owned garage where vehicles could be easily washed without taxpayers paying for it.