MILWAUKEE – Two Milwaukee alderman called for faster and deeper cuts by the Milwaukee Department of Public Works, even after DPW officials moved to cut the size of the city fleet and eliminate many take-home vehicles, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Alderman Joe Dudzik and Jim Bohl cited other examples of "abuse and waste," including a new excavator they said had been used for one hour since it was bought for $85,000. DPW officials said they haven't been able to use the machine because it is the subject of a union complaint over who should operate it. The alderman also criticized Acting Port Director Eric Reinelt, whose assigned, city-owned SUV was photographed parked outside his house. Reinelt told the Journal Sentinel that he has not been reimbursing the city for personal miles, and is unaware of any policy requiring him to do so. DPW has come under fire since City Comptroller Wally Morics issued an audit that said many vehicles in the fleet are underused. More recently, former DPW Fleet Manager Dan Blosser completed a broader report on vehicles that could be eliminated. Blosser was soon fired after his report was submitted, though city officials say the dismissal was unrelated to the report. DPW was given 30 days by aldermen to cut the fleet down, but Mayor Tom Barrett ordered cuts immediately. DPW officials submitted a list of 104 vehicles to be eliminated, along with 40 pieces of heavy equipment.