EUGENE, OR – The University of Oregon has been under fire since asking an employee to remove a sticker expressing support for U.S. troops from a state-owned delivery truck, according to

More than 500 e-mails and dozens of calls have been received by the university. Word of the incident was picked up by syndicated talk shows after a local television piece was aired.

According to UO President Dave Frohnmayer, state law forbids any personal expressions on state-owned equipment or vehicles. UO delivery driver Pete Baker attached the sticker to the truck months ago. University officials only recently found out about the decal from another employee who alerted them. Baker was told to take off the sticker due to its political message.

The university is not unpatriotic, and has many staff, students, and alumni serving in the military in Iraq, Frohnmayer said. He added that state employees are allowed to put statements of all types on their own cars.