FRESNO, CA — The City of Fresno announced that it is establishing a pilot program to promote neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), low-speed vehicles that are more than a golf cart but less than a car, reports The Fresno Bee. NEVs can typically reach speeds of about 25 mph and can travel up to 30 miles per battery charge. The vehicles cost between $6,000 and $9,000. To operate on city streets, the vehicles must have seat belts, turn signals and headlights. Fresno Director of Transportation Bruce Rudd said the vehicles could help alleviate the city and region´s air quality woes if enough people use them, and if certain hurdles can be addressed. The biggest hurdle Rudd and his staff found is that the vehicles cannot be used on most major streets because of speed limits. That means people can drive them around their neighborhood but can´t drive them to the nearest grocery store. "I think the biggest concern is having cars operating at 45 mph and having electric vehicles operating at 25 mph coexist on the same corridor," Rudd said. Still, Rudd said he believes people will use the vehicles as they become more widely accepted. "It´s going to be tough, but I think it´s a time that is coming with more people seeing them," Rudd said.