ALBANY, NY - The State of New York has leased two 2005 Honda FCX fuel cell vehicles and will be Honda´s first customer for a fuel cell vehicle in the Northeastern United States. “New York is pleased to partner with Honda to lease these innovative fuel cell vehicles, which utilize emerging technology to significantly reduce energy use, clean our air, and help break our dependence on oil,” said Gov. George Pataki. The state will lease two hydrogen-powered vehicles for two years with the first to be delivered this month and the second in mid-2005. The use of newly developed aromatic electrolyte membranes greatly improve durability and allow for power generation at temperatures between minus 4F and 203F. The vehicle converts gaseous hydrogen into electricity for motive power with water as its only emission. The 2005 FCX has a range of up to 190 miles and seating for four people. The State of New York is Honda´s fifth U.S. customer for the FCX and the first state customer. Once the two vehicles are operational in New York, Honda will have 12 fuel cell vehicles in regular daily use in California and New York.