ELK GROVE, CA - Rising fuel costs have caused Elk Grove, Calif., to limit its use of vehicles by the parks and fire departments and the school district, reported The Sacramento Bee newspaper. Gasoline prices have increased by more than a third in California in the past 12 months and Elk Grove Unified school administrators expect diesel and gasoline costs to increase at least $100,000 during the academic year, the paper reported. The fire department, which operates 22 gas-powered and 31 diesel-powered vehicles, spent $25,800 more than budgeted during the last fiscal year. It raised its fuel budget to $80,000 for the fiscal year that began July 1 and has already spent $23,100 in the first three months. City officials said they expect these figures to drop as winter approaches due to the higher number of vehicles operating in the summer months during peak fire season. According to The Sacramento Bee report, nine of the city´s 39 employees receive monthly, taxable car allowances and must pay the higher fuel costs from those allowances. Car allowances have not been increased, despite the rising cost of fuel.