YONKERS, NY – City Council President Richard Martinelli has proposed that the city reduce its take-home fleet of vehicles from more than 200 to 28 and eliminate city employees’ use of luxury sport utility vehicles, according to The Journal News. Martinelli also announced that he plans to turn in the 2004 Chevrolet Impala he had been issued by the city. He is the second council member to do so since February. Earlier this year, The Journal News revealed many problems with fleet distribution in Yonkers. The city's car fleet has been modestly reduced, as the city has sold some older cars at auction and bought "more sensible" SUVs through less expensive state contracts, Public Works Commissioner John Liszewski, who administers the fleet, told The Journal News. Martinelli also proposed two additions to the city code:
  • A requirement that the mayor submit an annual inventory of all motor vehicles owned or leased by the city to the City Council, with the name, department, agency, or individual to whom the car is assigned clearly delineated.
  • A limitation of any cars assigned for take-home use to those in the economy, compact, intermediate, standard, or full-size class as identified by major car rental agencies. Employees whose work requires otherwise would be exempt from the provision.