LAS VEGAS — Fleet managers had the opportunity to develop new partnerships and network contacts at the Law Enforcement Group (LEG) Conference held Aug. 14-19, according to Fleet Focus, the e-mail newsletter of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA). LEG, sponsored by NAFA, included five days of test drives, product unveilings, and lectures. Topics of the education sessions included telematics, funding, fleet sizing, crash investigations, and best environmental practices. DaimlerChrysler sponsored a Ride and Drive at the Las Vegas International Speedway where attendees got a first look at the 2006 police package Dodge Magnum, the auto maker’s latest police fleet vehicle. In addition to the Magnum, attendees were also able to drive new models of Ford’s Crown Victoria and General Motor’s Chevy Tahoe and Impala. Audience members were given the chance to ask the auto manufacturers about vehicle specifications, maintenance problems, and financial issues. The final day of the conference included after-market products for fleets, safety and accident management, and legislative updates for the U.S. and Canada.