SCRANTON, PA — Garbage trucks are going high-tech for safety. Cameras are being installed on some of Scranton's fleet in hopes of avoiding another deadly accident, according to WNEP News. It was last November when a Department of Public works employee was run down on the job. The employee was part of a three-man recycling crew when he stepped off the back of the truck and ended up pinned underneath. The employee died from his injuries. Eight months later, DPW hopes it has found a safer way to do the job. Cameras have been installed on the back of the trucks to give the driver a better view. Before, drivers had to rely on their mirrors to see if someone was behind the truck. The problem though, someone could easily disappear from their mirror view. But now with the addition of the camera, any view behind the truck is visible and that will hopefully save lives. DPW bought just six cameras. The department is looking at other options for the rest of the fleet. The camera on a test truck has been in place for a few months. The cameras cost more than $1,800 apiece. Some of the other options the department is looking at are spotlights and motion detectors for the back of the trucks.