GREENVILLE, S.C. — Miami-Dade County is deploying the Datastream 7i Asset Performance Management solution to automate the management of facilities, fleets, and infrastructure across Southern Florida. Miami-Dade County is the largest county in Florida and the eighth largest county in the United States. In one of the most extensive government implementations of a Web-architected Asset Performance Management solution to date, Miami-Dade chose Datastream 7i because it was positioned to deliver the functionality required to manage the county’s diverse range of capital assets with a single deployment. A diverse mix of departments will participate in the initial phase of the project, using the capabilities afforded by Datastream 7i to optimize management of the county’s infrastructure:

  • General Services Administration (GSA), which provides support services to all of the county’s facilities and infrastructure, will use Datastream 7i to manage facilities and fixed assets, and the county’s fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles.
  • Miami-Dade Transit will use Datastream 7i to manage all assets associated with the county’s mass transportation infrastructure, including Metrobus fleet, Metrorail train system and Metromover, a 4.4-mile elevated “people mover” in downtown Miami.
  • The Water & Sewer Department will use Datastream 7i to maintain the largest water utility in the Southeastern United States, which includes three regional water treatment plants, five auxiliary treatment facilities, seven remote finished water storage and pumping facilities, wastewater treatment facilities and thousands of miles of pipelines.
  • Park & Recreation will manage work orders, fleet management and maintenance associated with more than 500 parks and recreation areas.

    One of the biggest benefits of the new system will be the ability to introduce preventive and predictive maintenance across thousands of pieces of equipment distributed throughout the county. “It will fundamentally change the way in which we perform maintenance,” says Assistant County Manager Corinne Brody. “The system will alert us when a piece of machinery is about to fail so we can do something about it, rather than us being in reactive mode repairing broken-down equipment. This will enable us to deploy our resources more efficiently, boost equipment uptime and maximize the impact of taxpayer dollars.” The comprehensive reporting capabilities of Datastream 7i will enable the county to automate and facilitate regulatory compliance processes. “This is a major driver behind our deployment,” cites John Meyer, CIO Program Manager. “We need a system that will centralize all of our operational data and provide the statutory reporting required to comply with federal regulations.”