TONOPAH, NV – Buying used rather than new will save Nye County, Nev., $104,244 in fleet acquisition costs. County commissioners approved the purchase of used Ford Expeditions and Crown Victoria sedans from Salt Lake County, Utah, rather than buying new vehicles through the Nevada purchasing department at a cost of $513,044. “Salt Lake County sells their vehicles after just a year of use,” explains Capt. Gus Sullivan of the Nye County Sheriff’s Department. “These police units are already equipped with light bars and the hardware that holds the radio gear,” making the vehicles an attractive buy for the department. Nye County will purchase 15 Crown Victoria marked patrol units and three Ford Expeditions, said Sullivan. Salt Lake County’s fleet operations is run according to a rental-car business model, which allows fleet manager Nick Morgan to buy wholesale, sell retail, and maintain reduced staff, facilities, and inventory. The county has sold used vehicles to government agencies across the country, and demand has outstripped resale supplies, according to Morgan.