Orange County has installed Lytx DriveCam in about half of its 2,200-vehicle fleet.

Orange County has installed Lytx DriveCam in about half of its 2,200-vehicle fleet.

Photo courtesy of Orange County

Orange County, Fla., has saved $1.3 million over the past three years, which it attributes to the cameras installed in its fleet vehicles. The county uses Lytx's DriveCam in-vehicle video, which is mounted near the rearview mirror and records audio and video recordings inside and outside of the vehicle if the vehicle brakes hard, swerves, or has a collision.

The county has used DriveCams since 2007. These cameras have been installed on nearly half of the 2,200 vehicles in the county fleet, with a focus on vehicles that travel frequently in the field, including code enforcement, animal services, and fire rescue services. Investing in DriveCams cost the county about $2.2 million, and the county was able to find a return on investment in about two years, according to a press release from Orange County.

DriveCam footage has been instrumental in determining what causes crashes, saving the county in litigitation and insurance claims. Spectrum News 13 reported that, in the 2006-2007 fiscal year, the county reported 363 crashes. Now, that number is less than 100. The county reported $1.3 million in hard savings from the reduction in auto accidents in the past three years, according to a county pres release.

DriveCams are also used to change driving behaviors and improve accident accountability. When safety violations are found by Orange County, employees are coached appropriately and held accountable. 

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