Sales to commercial fleets slid in June but remain in growth mode for the year to date.

Sales to commercial fleets slid in June but remain in growth mode for the year to date.

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Commercial fleet sales cooled off in June with a 0.5% decline to 72,592 compared to a year ago. A double-digit decline in car sales offset a modest increase in truck sales, according to Automotive Fleet data.

For the month, nine manufacturers sold 1.7% more trucks (66,064) than a year ago and 18.7% fewer cars (6,528).

First-half sales also slipped but remained on a growth trajectory. Sales in the period were 6.3% ahead of the first half of 2018 with 417,912 units sold. Sales of trucks, vans, and SUVs are 8.3% ahead of a year ago (373,368), while sales of passenger cars are 8% lower (44,544).

June sales to government fleets from four manufacturers declined 13.1% to 25,003. Truck-based sales declined 13.2% to 20,720 and car sales fell 12.4% to 4,283. For the year, government sales have fallen 1.8% to 136,903. Truck sales have increased 1% to 115,705 and car sales have declined 14.7% to 21,198.

Daily rental sales from nine manufacturers increased 10.5% to 180,020 units. Truck-based sales declined 2.6% to 103,149 units, while car sales increased 35% to 76,871 units. Year-to-date sales have increased 6.2% to 1.01 million vehicles with a 1% increase in car sales to 404,711 and a 9.6% increase in truck-based sales to 672,029 units.

For all three segments, fleet sales in June increased 4.9% from a year ago to 277,615 units with a 2.5% decline in truck sales to 189,933 and a 25.5% increase in car sales to 87,682. For the first half of the year, sales into the three fleet segments have increased 5.5% to 1.63 million. While truck-based sales have increased 8.2% to 1.16 million, car sales have fallen 0.7% to 474,695.

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