Chevin Launches New Software Navigation Updates

Photo courtesy of Chevin

Chevin clients can now seamlessly navigate across its entire fleet management software thanks to an updated search facility and new keyboard shortcuts. The updates are the latest in a series of user experience improvements to FleetWave.

Searches can now be carried out across the entire system simply by entering keywords or numbers directly into the search bar. Previously, searches had to be carried out within a particular module or field to generate the relevant results.

Searches can be conducted across record fields such as vehicle information, fuel information, invoice numbers, and fuel entries and specifications. In addition, vehicles searches, for example, can now include terms such as vehicle color, trim, and fuel type.

New keyboard shortcuts have been introduced to further improve FleetWave’s accessibility. These will eliminate the need to use a mouse to carry out regular tasks, helping workflow and improving efficiency.

David Gladding, global sales and marketing director said, “These improvements to FleetWave are the latest in a line of continuous product developments. As the management of fleets becomes more complex, such advancements in our software will enable users to access relevant information quickly and easily, ensuring that efficiencies within an operation are maximized."

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