The City of Irving, Texas, is starting a smart city pilot program to improve residential waste and recycling services. The pilot includes 40 collection vehicles equipped with technology from Rubicon Global that will collect vehicle and service data.

The city’s main goal is to collect data for route optimization and management for its waste, recycling, and brush vehicles, as well as collecting data and documentation of the volume of material picked up for every route.

The Rubicon SmartCity platform includes a smartphone loaded with the Rubicon application, as well as an on-board computer plug-in device, both of which are placed on the collection vehicles. The technology will allow for the collection of real time service confirmations, provide GPS vehicle tracking, and enable documentation of any driver issues or the inability to successfully complete a pick-up. The manager portal in Rubicon Smart City will collect all of the data and analytics and showcase to the city real time route updates, daily reporting, and operational insights.

Rubicon SmartCity has been rolled out in more than 30 cities across the U.S., including Fort Collins, Colo.; Spokane, Wash.; and Santa Fe, N.M.

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