Case’s large compact track loader can be used for powerful digging or ripping up roads.

Case’s large compact track loader can be used for powerful digging or ripping up roads. 

Photo courtesy of Case

Case Construction has sold its TV380 compact track loader since 2015, but the company has recently heard from users wanting a loader with higher than 3,800-lb. operating capacity. Specifically, users were looking more toward higher rating operator capacities. Case responded by unveiling what it calls its largest Case CTL ever built: the new TV450 compact track loader.
It features 9,188 lbs. of breakout force, and optional high-flow (3,450 psi at 39.5 gpm) and enhanced high-flow (4,000 psi at 35 gpm) hydraulics for high-­power attachments such as mulching heads, stump grinders, and cold planers. 

“From a government perspective, there’s more heavy lifting that may be needed or more powerful digging or ripping up the roads,” Deborah Townsley, Case product manager, said, adding that the breakout force “definitely gives governments or municipalities the ability to do that type of heavy lifting or that type of demolition work. That 9,188-lb. breakout force is one of the leading in the industry for that operating class.” 

She also addressed the product’s availability in three options: standard mechanical (H Pattern) controls, optional electro-hydraulic controls (H and ISO pattern interchangeability), or optional mechanical hand and foot controls.

“It’s designed for whatever the operator wants to use,” Townsley said. “H pattern to me is more like a zero-turn type of pattern, where [with] ISO the left joystick drives the machine and the right joystick actually does the boom as well as the bucket. And what we found is that there is still a need for hand and foot controls, or just foot controls, so we actually offer that as an option as well.”

Townsley also noted that the TV450 provides the advantage of low ground pressure for job sites where finished lawns and underground utilities may exist. That means it does not tear up grass underneath it during operation. “When they’re doing demolition or when they’re having to do digging of any type — and this is especially great for landscaping — it keeps the ground that they’re going across intact, so they don’t have to necessarily rework any of it,” she said.

Ease of Use

The TV450 keeps all daily maintenance checkpoint items — such as oil, filters, and other fluids — located in one spot that the user can access by opening the heavy-duty door at the rear of the machine. “Instead of somebody spending an hour of their day opening up multiple panels on different sides of the machine and having to know where everything is, with something like this, it’s super convenient,” Townsley said. “You’re standing in one spot and can knock it out in a few minutes.” 

Townsley said Case machines already had one of the widest cabs in the industry, in addition to the greatest visibility. She added that the TV450 comes standard with a rearview mirror, which improves on that visibility. But the new increased size of the machine is one of its top selling points, she noted. 

“I want to reiterate that this is definitely a size capacity class that contractors, landscapers, and construction workers are definitely going toward,” she said. “So we did this to fit a need where we had a gap in the industry.”