The Doosan DL280-5 is the company’s latest wheel loader in the 3- to 4-cubic-yard category.

The Doosan DL280-5 is the company’s latest wheel loader in the 3- to 4-cubic-yard category.

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The Doosan DL280-5 is the company’s latest wheel loader in the 3- to 4-cubic-yard category. It fits in between Doosan’s DL250-5 and DL300.5 models. Aaron Kleingartner, marketing manager for Doosan Infracore North America, said the DL280-5 size has grown to become a larger percentage of the overall mix of wheel loader sizes in the United States and Canada over the past few years.

“It fits into a niche size class that we did not have a model for in the past,” Kleingartner said. Although it is similar to the other-sized Doosan loaders, the DL280-5 includes several unique features, such as a new joystick and an optional heavy-duty axle.

Intuitive Controls for Operators

Past Doosan wheel loaders have included a joystick that operates the front lift arm and any associated attachments on the machine. But the joystick on the new DL280-5 features more intuitive control for attachment functions, as well as the ability to control the machine direction from the joystick, Kleingartner said.

Doosan calls this tool the FNR (forward-neutral-reverse) joystick control/gear selector. The new joystick is also available as an upgrade for current Doosan wheel loader owners.

By engaging FNR joystick mode, an operator is able to keep one hand on the joystick to control the forward and reverse movements of the machine while continuing to steer with the other hand.

“It’s a great feature to make the operation more intuitive, more productive, and less fatiguing for the operator,” Kleingartner said. “It’s not new, but it’s greatly enhanced in its functionality.”

Additional Features

DoosanCONNECT, a new version of the company’s telematics system, is available on the DL280-5, giving the user access to more data, such as daily and weekly utilization and fuel use.

“They want to know where their equipment is if it’s being utilized, and if it’s not, can I move it to a different location,” he said.

The DL280-5 is available with heavy-duty axles, which can handle solid tires and other accessories. According to Doosan, solid tires improve uptime in applications where pneumatic tires are susceptible to puncture. 

An optional quick coupler on the front lifting mechanism allows the operator to add various attachments while seated in the operator cab, increasing productivity.

To comply with federal emissions regulations, the machine uses a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that Kleingartner says improves the machine’s efficiency. The DL280-5 does not require the use of a diesel particulate filter to meet emission standards.

“The fleet manager just has to make sure there’s fuel and diesel exhaust fluid in the machine,” Kleingartner said, adding that the SCR system is usable all day, every day. He noted that with the various brands of equipment government fleets might have, an SCR is the simplest way for them to manage with that dual-fluid type of arrangement.

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