GPS Insight has attained FedRAMP Ready status from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

FedRAMP is a program by which the U.S. federal government determines whether cloud software products and services have the necessary security assessments and monitoring in place to be used by federal agencies. The FedRAMP Ready designation required GPS Insight to apply over 300 security controls to ensure system security for customer data. GPS Insight is one of just over 200 organizations in the entire world that have received any sort of FedRAMP designation.

GPS Insight Security takes a three-part approach to security: The company has strict protocols in place to ensure information shared by customers remains confidential, has change control plans and quality assurance teams in place to ensure data integrity, and works to ensure availability by having account backups and disaster recovery plans in place.

Gary Fitzgerald, VP of IT & Security at GPS Insight, stated, “We are extremely proud of the security recognition we have received because we care very much about being a responsible steward of our customer data. When organizations partner with GPS Insight, they can feel comfortable knowing that security is a top priority for us and that their information is secure with us.”

FedRAMP compliance enables the re-use of existing security assessments across agencies, improving security, providing a consistent approach to risk management, and improving transparency between the agency and the solution provider. By choosing a FedRAMP-compliant provider, government agencies avoid going through the process of vetting their information systems. State and local government agencies can piggyback off FedRAMP standards as well.

GPS Insight is also SOC-II Compliant, meaning auditors from The American Institute of Certified Accountants spent over three months with GPS Insight to determine that it has more than 100 security controls in place pertaining to confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

For more information on FedRAMP, GSA has a Guide to Understanding FedRAMP.

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