A fleet supervisor at the City of Austin, Texas, admitted to taking used vehicle parts and oil owned by the city and using a city computer for personal use. The city auditor released findings from an investigative report this month.

Donald Vaughan, vehicle service center supervisor, admitted to taking used vehicle parts and oil for his personal use on at least five occasions, the report stated. He took two catalytic converters that would have otherwise been sold for scrap value and sold them for $150; this money was used to help pay for a coworker’s retirement party. Vaughan admitted to swapping city-owned batteries with one of his own dead batteries. He also took a hose and hose fittings from the trash to make a hydraulic hose for personal use, and took a few quarts of oil for one of his personal vehicles.

In addition, Vaughan used the city computer to browse automotive auction sites related to his non-profit organization, which his manager knew about and thought he was doing during his breaks and lunches. Vaughan's response stated that he did not browse the website while clocked in.

A city spokesperson told Government Fleet that the supervisor and manager remain on administrative leave as the investigation is finalized and the appropriate personnel action is determined. Fleet management concurs with the investigation and takes these findings very seriously. The agency is performing a comprehensive review of current practices to strengthen internal controls and ensure compliance with city policy.

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