The City of Knoxville is adding 54 new vehicles to its fleet.

The City of Knoxville is adding 54 new vehicles to its fleet.

Photo via City of Knoxville

The City of Knoxville, Tenn., took delivery of five medium-duty trucks, five snow plows, and five knuckleboom loaders last week, the city announced in its blog.

This is the first wave of an order that over the next few months will see a total of 22 new medium-duty trucks, 16 snow plows, and 16 knuckleboom loaders added to the city’s fleet to replace aging units.

The new trucks will be used for brush collection, snow removal, leaf collection, and pothole patching. The trucks are expected to be more effective and result in reduced maintenance costs.

This delivery a represents the culmination of two years of intense research, study, and work by Fleet Services, which worked with Public Service departments in the spec writing process.

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