Photo courtesy of Polaris

Photo courtesy of Polaris

Polaris Government and Defense is launching a new line-up of equipment for Ranger side-by-side vehicles tailored to meet the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement. The upfitted Ranger vehicles allow these organizations to perform critical duties in off-road and urban areas. The equipment is professionally installed in a turn-key vehicle package with a full warranty from Polaris.

The Polaris Ranger improves response time and reach to locations — both urban and off-road — where cars, trucks, or helicopters cannot operate. This includes narrow passageways such as secluded lots and city events, as well as rugged, off-road terrain. Rangers are also a budget-friendly alternative to full-size vehicles because they are less expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain.

Ranger law enforcement units provide professional, squad car-type capabilities in a nimble off-road and urban mobility vehicle complete with sirens, horns, PA system, and emergency lighting from Federal Signal. These come installed by Action Fleet, a professional emergency vehicle up-fitter.

The Rangers maintain the option for the rear equipment skids to be removed altogether. Custom graphics can be added so vehicles match the rest of the fleet.

All new offerings come with traditional Polaris accessory options. Popular options include the full cab, winches, storage, heating, and air conditioning.

Polaris law enforcement Rangers are available for purchase through GSA, National Joint Powers Alliance, state or local contracts, or direct from Polaris. Once purchased, the Ranger will be professionally upfit and delivered directly to the customer’s location, or their Polaris dealer of choice. The entire system comes fully set up for immediate use and is under full warranty from Polaris. Polaris also offers customers the capability to support and maintain their own fleet of vehicles through maintenance and operator training courses, or Polaris can be contracted directly to provide the on-site service for the vehicles.