Designed to deliver flexibility and productivity, the new ST 1085 from Stertil-Koni features a lifting capacity of 18,500 lbs. per column, and it is equipped with 14-inch pick-up forks to raise a variety of vehicles. It contains a maximum lifting height of 71 inches.

The width between the lifting forks is adjustable in order to lift vehicles with variable wheel diameters.

The ST 1085 features a Multi Master System with a control box on each individual column that enables operators to lift columns individually, in pairs or as a complete set.

It is available in four control system options, including wireless, superior, battery, and Earthlift. The wireless control lifts operate on 24 VDC and communicate by ZigBee mesh protocol. The Superior Controls allow operation of a maximum of 28 columns, and the Battery Controls allow operation of a maximum of 8 columns in a set. Earthlift’s Active Energy Retrieval System increases the lifting cycles at maximum lifting load. Earhtlift also uses a closed hydraulic system that contains biodegradable oil.

The lifting column is mobile with synthetic wheels and a hydraulic pallet jack mechanism.  The ST 1085 is available with detachable transport pockets to lift and transport the mobile column lift with a fork lift.

For added safety, the ST 1085 is ANS/ALI-ALCTV certified.