Snap on offers its new mobile diagnostic workstations, which are designed to bring diagnostic systems together in a single mobile location. The workstations come in two models, the 55-inch KRSC2476PBO and the 36-inch KRSC2407PC.

The KRSC2476PBO 55-inch Diagnostic WorkStation Plus features five 32-inch wide drawers, including an extra deep printer drawer. An integrated side cabinet on the left-hand-side provides shelves and has a locking door for added security. The system comes with a 40-inch monitor and can accommodate other sizes. The monitor bracket allows users to adjust it to change the viewing angle.

Foam drawer organizers are silhouetted and labeled to keep test adaptors and other components organized and the workstation features an installed stainless steel top.

The KRSC2407PC is a smaller version of the 55-inch unit and is 36 inches wide. It comes with five drawers and a printer drawer. The unit’s cabinet has a cord routing system, power strip, stainless steel work top, and adjustable monitor bracket, similar to the 55-inch model. The adjustable bracket is designed to fit the included 32-inch monitor. The unit also comes with foam drawer organizers.