Mac Tools offers its MB7432 Macsimizer Tool Box, which features a push-to-open laptop storage drawer with two outlets and a USB and Internet connection.

The MB7432 is a 74-inch-wide workstation that is 32 inches deep and 46 inches tall. The system features storage options such as a 5-inch deep, 66-inch wide drawer for storing sockets and 3-inch deep extra-wide drawers for wrench. It also offers a deep PowerTech drawer on the bottom right that includes a power strip with four outlets for charging battery packs used on cordless tools.

The computer drawer opens with a push-to-open feature that provides storage for a laptop or tablet. The computer drawer includes two 110 volt power outlets, a USB outlet and a RJ45 ethernet jack for Internet hook-up. A storage rack will also be available and sold separately.