Photo by Paul Clinton.

Photo by Paul Clinton.

Executives who choose a Cadillac sedan most often choose the CTS, which has been offered since the 2003 model year, and received a wide-ranging update for the 2014-MY that brought the V-Sport to the nameplate.

The CTS V-Sport positions itself between the base CTS and the CTS-V — a road rocket powered by a 6.2L V-8 that makes 640 hp. A 420-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 gives the V-Sport plenty of performance to spare, and the vehicle also offers driver assistance technology and infotainment that places it at least on par with German rivals.

The V-Sport delivers a stellar driving experience with a stiffer ride and a system known as Magnetic Ride Control that instantaneously adjusts the shock absorbers to lessen the impact from the bump, pothole or dip. Cadillac developed the system, which has been used by Ferrari, as an ultra-fast-reacting suspension that reads the road surface as many as 1,000 times per second — or 10 times faster than the blink of an eye. The system uses magnetized particles and instantly adjusts the shocks.

The V-Sport's 195.5-inch length puts it in the realm of mid-size luxury sedans. Cadillac says the vehicle achieves a near 50-50 weight distribution by incorporating aluminum components into the front shock towers and suspension. By using aluminum doors that are 33% lighter than their steel counterparts, the vehicle reduces additional weight.

Photo by Paul Clinton.

Photo by Paul Clinton.

The cockpit of the V-Sport is replete with leather surfaces and a 20-position driver's chair.

The sedan includes Cadillac's Cue infotainment system with of the industry's more intuitive interfaces and easy connectivity with mobile devices. The system keeps smartphones connected and provides ways to configure the displays to show data from audio streams, fuel consumption, and climate controls, including a 12.3-inch instrument-cluster display and 8-inch center screen.

The center-console controls are all touch-based for climate, fan, and seat heating or cooling. Snug cup holders keep your coffee from splashing on your lap, and can be concealed when not in use by a handsome leather-stitched cover.

The CTS V-Sport offers Surround Vision, an impressive safety feature that offers the driver a 360-degree camera image around the vehicle by combining four feeds from cameras placed on the sedan's four sides. The system enhances driver awareness and even operates when the vehicle is moving forward at low speeds if there are objects nearby.

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