Nearly 90 percent of public fleet organizations reported using some form of fleet management system, ranging from those developed in-house to systems provided by major industry suppliers. While initial cost varies widely depending on fleet size and system chosen, the median amount paid was $50,000, and more than 80 percent of users say they are satisfied with their software provider.

Twenty-three percent of fleet managers reported they would consider replacing their system soon, and one fleet manager stated his reasoning for an upcoming switch from a smaller supplier to a larger one was automation and reduction in labor time with the new system. Other advantages cited by fleet managers were management aspects of their system, having considerable information readily available, and functionality. One complaint was about lack of support services.

Fuel management system use is also widespread in the public sector, with 83 percent of fleet professionals reporting their fleets do use some form of fuel management (including fuel cards and systems developed in-house). Median initial cost of the systems is $40,000. Despite a trend toward acquisition of more alternative-fuel vehicles, only 39 percent of fleets stated their agencies use alternative fuels with their fuel management system.

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