D. Terry Barton Jr.

State Fleet Administrator

State of Delaware

On-Road Units: 1,947

Off-Road Units: 7
Maintenance Facilities: 0

Fleet Budget: $13M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: In 1994, after reengineering the way the State fleet was operated, the State purchased 450 new sedans. To announce the change, a media event was planned for the Governor. Fleet arranged some new vehicles for a photo opportunity, but the units being replaced were parked nearby. The Governor spotted a beat-up, bright orange American Motors Corp. Gremlin and suggested we set it beside the new vehicles to show the dramatic change. At the urging of the press, he decided to take the Gremlin for a spin. The sight of the Governor driving around the parking lot in this vehicle was priceless, and it even made the evening television news.

Larry Campbell, CPFP

Director, Fleet Management

City of Fort Wayne, Ind.

On-Road Units: 1,053

Off-Road Units: 721
Maintenance Facilities: 2

Fleet Budget: $7.15M
No. of Years Nominated: 5

Best Memory: I would say this is a hard question because of so many memories from the great people I have met along my journey as a fleet person­ - from those who have helped in your fleet growth to those you have nurtured and watched grow and excel as a fleet manager, including staff members. The awards along the way make it very special, such as being named the 2006 No. 1 fleet in the "100 Best Fleets" program, to being named as one of the top three finalists in the 2010 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award, and the many other awards. Receiving the APWA fleet certificate (CPFP) is another. Most of all, it's the people I have met and worked with over the past 35 years.

Paul Condran

Equipment Maintenance/Fleet Manager

City of Culver City, Calif.

On-Road Units: 635

Off-Road Units: 25
Maintenance Facilities: 1

Fleet Budget: $8M
No. of Years Nominated: 7

Best Memory: My best memories include cultivating and watching my employee teams flourish into an industry-leading organization where they receive deserved recognition and accolades from "their" peers and elected officials; being named as the 7th Best Fleet in North America in 2010; serving as a judge for the 2010 Best Green Fleet Award - an honor and a major (personally unknown, hidden, and unexpected) career accomplishment/highlight for me; and collaborating with my constituents from all over the country. The exposure this presents from learning and collaborating from/with the best is a staggering opportunity and one that also fosters professional friendships and tremendous resources.

Wayne Corum

Director of Equipment Services

City of Fort Worth, Texas

On-Road Units: 3,071

Off-Road Units: 364
Maintenance Facilities: 3

Fleet Budget: $24M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: My best memory in fleet was announcing to fleet staff that the department had been retained for fleet services in the City of Fort Worth, Texas for 2011. The appreciation by fleet employees for the effort taken to maintain fleet services was an emotional moment. The department struggled through the challenging environment; nevertheless, staff came together to provide excellent performance, adapt to the new organization structure, and retain the support of City management in the performance of fleet services. Also, during this challenging environment, we were able to complete the national fuel contract.

David Head

Fleet Manager

County of Sonoma, Calif.

On-Road Units: 1,157

Off-Road Units: 196
Maintenance Facilities: 3

Fleet Budget: $6.5M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: When I came to the County of Sonoma, Calif., the fleet was old and underused, there was no PM program, staff was untrained, and customer departments didn't trust our work. Over the next 20 years, the County implemented a fleet management software system, upgraded its vehicles, established PM programs, upgraded maintenance facilities, replaced technicians and endorsed or required ASE certifications, and focused on customer service. Currently, six outside agencies contract with the County for vehicle maintenance. Three years ago, the director of General Services retired. When he left, he told me he brags to his peers about our operations and that he considers our Division among the best in the state.

Leslie Horikawa

Fleet Manager

City of Long Beach, Calif.

On-Road Units: 1,946

Off-Road Units: 43
Maintenance Facilities: 6

Fleet Budget: $43.2M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: One memory at the top of the "best memories list" would be the group interactions with the employees. I met with all employee groups several times during the past year to discuss methods and means to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Every fleet employee was involved in this process. All ideas were recorded and reviewed. Those ideas that were feasible were implemented or a pilot program was started to determine continued feasibility. All ideas that were implemented were shared with the employees and recognition was given. Being able to give the employees that recognition is my best memory.


Samuel Lamerato, CPFP

Superintendent of Fleet Maintenance

City of Troy, Mich.

On-Road Units: 350

Off-Road Units: 150
Maintenance Facilities: 2

Fleet Budget: $7M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: I remember walking into the City garage as a co-op mechanic 38 years ago, looking around at the variety of equipment there, thinking I was in over my head. A lot of the equipment I had little experience operating, let alone repairing. With dedication and hard work, I gained experience, listened to the older, more knowledgeable shop foremen, and honed my repair and operating skills. Who knew eight years later I would be the superintendent of the motor pool (later known as fleet). Every time I sit in on an interview for a new technician, I can't help but wonder if the new hire, with determination and dedication, will take over the reins in the future and continue to move the fleet division forward, continuing to earn recognition and respect.[PAGEBREAK]


Rick Longobart

Facilities, Fleet & Central Stores Manager

City of Santa Ana, Calif.

On-Road Units: 700

Off-Road Units: 200
Maintenance Facilities: 1

Fleet Budget: $11.5M
No. of Years Nominated: 6

Best Memory: After reviewing our weekly GPS reports, we noticed one of our City vehicles was driven 81 mph outside of city limits. Naturally, our first reaction was to call the division that operated the vehicle to warn them about the situation, which they took very seriously and stated that they would take corrective action. Days later, the division informed us the vehicle operator did not recall using it that day and that according to the GPS report, the unit was in our shop for service at that time - which proved true. Turns out one of our own fleet team members had used the vehicle that day to deliver a contract to a vendor. We explained to the customer that we determined the driver and were counseling that individual, which turned out to be ourselves.


Gary Lykins

Fleet Maintenance Director

Town of Jonesborough, Tenn.

On-Road Units: 117

Off-Road Units: 48
Maintenance Facilities: 1

Fleet Budget: $525,000
No. of Years Nominated: 3

Best Memory: An early winter in 2010 brought unusual snow patterns to our little southern town. Being almost 1,700 feet above sea level, we get our share of snow, but this year was relentless. As crews worked through the night and snow removal equipment ground away at old man winter's mayhem, I was comforted by the professionalism of the fleet management team. The relationship of the operators and the technicians during this snow emergency was that of true friendship and respect. Several comments were made in the local papers and at the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting about how the Town of Jonesborough, Tenn. kept pace with much larger municipalities in the area during the harsh weather. I knew it was fleet management that kept things running.


Thomas Monarco

Fleet Manager

City of Colorado Springs, Colo.

On-Road Units: 3,087

Off-Road Units: 491
Maintenance Facilities: 9

Fleet Budget: $19.6M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: Our largest customer hired a consultant group to evaluate our services to determine if fleet was meeting the customer's needs. The consultants' exhaustive study found the customer was indeed receiving excellent services for very low cost­. It also determined fleet was understaffed by nearly 20 percent and was one of the most efficient operations it had evaluated.

The City recently underwent dramatic budget reductions, resulting in a 14-percent reduction in staff with little or no reduction in responsibilities. Four technicians in particular were impacted the most, and just recently, they received upgrades. It has been great to give them the news and hear them express gratitude as they were recognized for their hard work.


Bob Mossing

Fleet Manager/Business Operations Manager

Washtenaw County Gov., Mich.

On-Road Units: 217

Off-Road Units: 0
Maintenance Facilities: 0

Fleet Budget: $2.5M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: My best memory of fleet is being nominated for public sector fleet manager of the year. I have made a commitment to public service and to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money. It is nice to be recognized for doing my job.

Bob Moulden

Fleet Superintendent

City of Manteca, Calif.

On-Road Units: 330

Off-Road Units: 110
Maintenance Facilities: 1

Fleet Budget: $1.04M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: The City Council approval of a new Fleet Services facility. This will move my heavy-duty mechanics out of the elements and inside to repair equipment and solid waste construction vehicles. We are looking forward to March 2012 when we will move out of our 92-year-old, 7,000-square-foot building and into the new 20,000-square-foot building.


Erle Potter, PE, CEM

State Equipment Manager

Virginia Dept. of Transportation (VDOT)

On-Road Units: 6,500

Off-Road Units: 22,697
Maintenance Facilities: 37

Fleet Budget: $87M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: I am proudest of those opportunities where we are able to recognize the selfless efforts of our technicians and their front-line supervisors during the annual "Equipment Management Workshop." The workshop includes an "awards ceremony" banquet, where awards are presented to exemplary technicians, for certifications, and ASE Blue Seal shops. Each recipient was photographed shaking hands with the VDOT Commissioner.

The Commissioner gave a touching talk about the value of the awards and thanked the recipients for their hard work The look in the eyes of the always over-worked, often unappreciated pros said it all. Employees were rejuvenated, remotivated, and profoundly appreciative that someone actually cared.


Steve Riley

Automotive Director

City of Coral Gables, Fla.

On-Road Units: 539

Off-Road Units: 35
Maintenance Facilities: 2

Fleet Budget: $7.1M
No. of Years Nominated: 1

Best Memory: My best memory in fleet is when I stood on stage at the 2010 GFX Conference in Austin, Texas, as the chief judge for the 100 Best Fleets. Congratulating the winners and looking at the smiles on their faces meant a lot to me. It was nice to see the troops who work in the trenches get recognized for their important contributions. For far too long, fleet managers have been stigmatized as the proverbial shade-tree mechanic.

It has only been over the past few years that public fleet management was acknowledged as a valued profession, and recognition programs are a critical part of that process. As long as I remain in fleet management, I will do everything I can to advance the perception and dignity of our profession.

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