Photo courtesy of Axon

Photo courtesy of Axon

The New Orleans Police Department, Fort Worth (Texas) Police Department, and Louisiana State Police have all placed orders for in-car video systems with Axon Fleet. Axon Fleet's video system is cloud-based, and allows users to capture and upload footage without DVRs and other bulky hardware. 

Axon Fleet can upload video footage via LTE while out on the field, allowing for immediate access to evidence from the station. Footage can also upload via Wi-Fi or the Axon dock. The MDT application Axon View XL receives over-the-air software upgrades. Officers are able to back up to four videos simultaneously on one screen to see the event from multiple angles before sharing evidence. 

The product includes Axon Signal technology, which reports events such as when the car door is opened of when the light bar is activated, so the camera can detect them and start recording.

The New Orleans Police Department will deploy 100 video systems across its fleet, Fort Worth Police Department will deploy 600 systems, and Louisiana State Police will deploy 1,600 systems.

Axon has received more than 200 orders for Axon Fleet since its launch in Q2 2017. Other significant orders include:

  • Baton Rouge Police Department (La.): 425 video systems
  • Forsyth County Sheriff's Office (N.C.): 150 video systems
  • Richland County Sheriff's Office (S.C.): 300 video systems
  • Grand Prairie Police Department (Texas): 185 video systems
  • Glendale Police Department (Ariz.): 150 video systems
  • San Marcos Police Department (Texas): 115 video systems