Whether they have mixed fleets of vehicles, assets, or equipment alone, the connected services developed by Telogis will help John Deere's customers keep their operators safer and more efficient, while also helping them save money through more effective job management. John Deere customers will also have access to enhanced Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) 2.0 data points through the Telogis platform.

John Deere Construction equipment's built-in connectivity, combined with the Telogis Mobile Resource Management software platform, enables existing and future customers to access a richer, proprietary data set that will help eliminate manual data entry and generate deeper operational insights. Furthermore, it will allow customers to take that data and push it out to their workforce, enabling more effective driver coaching and job completion.

Customers also benefit from the ability to connect back into JDLink telematics to order parts and service, or contact local John Deere Construction dealers for questions, appointments, and equipment troubleshooting. They will also receive more accurate equipment maintenance records from Telogis that can help lead to better uptime and lower total cost of ownership.

Customers can also take advantage of the Telogis Mobile Resource Management (MRM) software platform's comprehensive feature set, such as hours of service (HOS) and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), jobsite utilization alerts, and reporting that features engine hours, equipment utilization, fuel consumption, and details on diagnostic codes. Customers' cost structures are also optimized by tapping into the John Deere telematics devices that come built into the equipment from the factory or installed at a John Deere Construction dealer.

"Managing telematics data from mixed fleets has been a pain point for customers, especially as the quantity and complexity of data increases," said Andrew Kahler, product marketing manager, John Deere WorkSight. "As a result of our collaboration with Telogis, John Deere customers with mixed fleets now have easy access to the tools they need to manage their fleet through a single interface, leveraging powerful insights and world-class support."

"With access to the AEMP 2.0 standard it's now possible to have one login and one comprehensive system on which to view every jobsite, every piece of equipment, every operator, and every vehicle," said Frank Schneider, senior product manager at Telogis, a Verizon company. "The days of logging into multiple point systems to optimize your assets and get the information you need to help run a more productive, safe, and efficient business are long gone. Extending this data out to the workforce will be transformational in so many area of their business."

The Telogis offering for John Deere Construction customers is available to organizations of any size through connected John Deere equipment or through authorized John Deere Construction dealers today, and each new piece of John Deere Construction equipment will have access to both JDLink and Telogis.