Photo of Clarity Fuel Cell courtesy of Honda.

Photo of Clarity Fuel Cell courtesy of Honda.

Honda's 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell sedan provides 366 miles of driving range and 68 miles per equivalent gallon of gasoline in combined driving cycles, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined.

That would give the Clarity Fuel Cell a greater range than Toyota's hydrogen-powered Mirai sedan, which provides an EPA-rated 312 miles of effective range. However, the range of Honda's fuel-cell sedan comes in lower than initial estimates from Honda.

The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell can seat five passengers and refuel in three to five minutes. Honda will begin offering the vehicle by the end of 2016 to retail leasing customers through 12 California dealerships that have been approved to support the fuel cell vehicle.

The Clarity Fuel Cell replaces Honda's FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan. The new sedan is powered by a fuel cell stack that's 33% more compact than its predecessor with a 60% increase in power density.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet