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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) overspent on premium fuel and was found to be “deficient” in fuel contract award and administration, according to an audit released this month by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General. Auditors found the FBI unjustifiably spent $57,000 more on premium fuel than it would have spent on regular fuel.

The audit examined two fiscal-year 2015 contracts between the FBI and Petroleum Traders Corporation, a wholesale bulk fuel supplier. One of the contracts was for the FBI Miami Field Office and the other was for the FBI Northern Virginia Resident Agency.

Auditors found that the FBI was not able to ensure it was receiving the best fuel prices, receiving the proper amount of fuel at the agreed-upon prices, and using the fuel in the most efficient manner. The FBI did not award the Miami office contract in accordance with regulation, and the office purchased premium fuel that it could not support the need for.

Auditors provided 10 recommendations in the audit, which included: awarding fuel contracts in accordance with regulation, ensuring fuel purchases are for 87 octane fuel, ensuring invoiced price per gallon is in accordance with the contract, paying contractors in a timely manner, maintaining complete contract files, and reviewing security measures at the fueling station.

The FBI concurred with all 10 audit recommendations.