Penton’s EquipmentWatch, a provider of data, insights, and workflow tools for the heavy equipment industry, relaunched its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform at It includes broad equipment coverage across the construction, lift/access, agricultural, and commercial truck markets, for everyone involved in the equipment lifecycle.

The new platform builds on what is already the most expansive database of historical equipment information with new insights into relative asset utilization, transparent pricing data, value and rental rate trending along with an overall improved interface. New workflow tools have also been introduced to speed the cost recovery process between contractors and project owners, mitigate risk and improve portfolio management for the finance community, and easily allow for the import and export of data for use in other software systems.

“Decisions in the equipment industry are being increasingly driven by data and intelligence. The proper use of data can be the deciding factor in winning the job or getting the most value out of an asset through its economic life,” said Garrett Schemmel, vice president & market leader, EquipmentWatch. “We’re excited to see the competitive edge our platform can deliver to our thousands of customers.”

Notable features and capabilities of the new platform include:

  • Determine the relative utilization of an asset against millions of other assets
  • Visualize long term value and price trends in both the resale (dealer) and auction channels
  • Download data reports for groups of assets for offline analysis or third party software upload
  • Generate custom internal charge rates for bid estimation with up to 24 cost factors such as hours, fuel, wages, taxes, overhead and more
  • Track serial number-specific sales history
  • Review detailed specs for thousands of current and historical models offers a number of platform subscriptions based on each user’s needs: Equipment Manager, Estimator, Renter/Seller, Finance, and Insurance. These subscriptions also offer exclusive access to the complete versions of popular reports such as the new EquipmentWatch Market Report™ and the annual Residual Values Report. Select content is made available for free, including blogs and podcasts with the latest market information and insights. A new resource library with product guides, tutorials and terminology explanations is also available to further simplify use. For more information and to subscribe today, visit