Vision Fleet has renamed itself as Evercar, and set up a fleet leasing division called Evercar for Fleet that will continue to provide battery-electric vehicles to government and commercial fleet customers.

The company has provided leased EVs, including hybrids, to the City of Indianapolis, City of Atlanta and to federal agencies via the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

The new name "reflects the company's core focus on electrified vehicles" because EV are the first two letters of Evercar, according to a statement.

Evercar listed three other reasons for the change.

The "EV" combined with the next two letters,"ER," (“EV-ER”) highlights the path for the company as it adopts the next generation of affordable EVs with extended range. Evercar plans to deploy and operate thousands of the extended-range EVs from Nissan, GM, and Tesla for on-demand and fleet customers.

Also, "EVER" represents the flexibility and convenience of Evercar’s EV-focused flexible carsharing platform, where drivers can schedule the use of vehicles whenever they need them, according to the company.

Lastly, Evercar wants customers to know that this is a product for EVERyone. Evercar is democratizing EV technology, because very few of Evercar’s on-demand and fleet drivers have driven or owned EVs before using the company's platform. The company offers EVs at a lower cost than gasoline vehicles, as low as $5 per hour, and provides training, tools and advanced analytics that makes operating an EV as convenient as a gasoline car, according to Evercar.