Photo of Status app courtesy of Telogis.

Photo of Status app courtesy of Telogis.

Telogis has released six new mobile apps and redesigned two existing ones to enhance fleet productivity and optimize a company's mobile workforce. The telematics vendor announced the new products at its annual Telogis Latitude conference in Dana Point, Calif.

Telogis is introducing Logbook for mileage reporting, Maintenance Connect for diagnostic alerting, Appointment for route optimization, LiveETA for Uber-like arrival information, Equipment for AEMP for heavy equipment tracking, and Status for work order management.

The company has updated its driving behavior monitor Coach as a gamefication app that works with wearable and Apple Watch and given Navigation a redesign that includes support for international markets.

Read below for full updates on Telogis' suite of mobile apps for fleets:

New Apps

Logbook: Commercial drivers, mobile sales reps, supervisors, and field associates who drive a vehicle for business and personal use can easily classify mileage as either personal or business. Users can add labels to organize trips by business purpose. The app lets users view and classify their completed trips with a single swipe, assign unclassified trips to individual drivers, and generate mileage summaries and detailed reports for more reliable tax reporting.

Maintenance Connect: This app sends Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and other vehicle data directly to a designated service center. Companies can import standard maintenance schedules from vehicle manufacturers and more actively manage preventative maintenance.

LiveETA: Delivery and service fleets can use this Uber-like app to provide real-time Estimated Time of Arrival updates to end customers. Fleets can confirm the schedule appointment time and provide the current location, name and photo of the en-route driver, as well as updates about changes to the ETA. This app is available for Apple/iOS and Android devices.

Appointment: Users can query and choose appointment booking windows for new jobs that fit into existing routes. The new versions include Appointment as an API, a back-office application, and a customizable app for end customers. New features include advanced time-focused functionality that allows companies to meet their end-customers' desire for choice, flexibility and tighter delivery time windows. The app is enabled through the company's RouteCloud Optimizer.

Equipment for AEMP: The app provides greater visibility of heavy equipment assets, vehicles, and people using the standard set by the American Equipment Management Professionals. Telogis pulls data using the AEMP feed including engine hours. Equipment can be activated instantly and requires no aftermarket hardware installation.

Status: Managers of field workers can get a clear view of time spent on a given job to streamline billing and optimize routes and schedules. The app supports budget and payroll functions and provides greater clarity about which team members are doing what, how much time is spent on each task and to which client it can be billed.

Updated Apps

Coach: Telogis has revamped Coach as a gamification app for drivers to foster friendly competition by scoring driving behaviors, safety or productivity metrics.

Navigation - Global Edition (Telogis Nav GE): Telogis has updated its navigation app to support international markets and tighter integration with Telogis Sites, which enables site-specific navigation with audible driver alerts to reduce on-premise damage and accident claims. Drivers can submit feedback on road conditions and bridge heights.

For more information about the apps, visit the Telogis website.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet