Lenco Industries, Inc., has introduced the BearCat MedEvac armored tactical vehicle. Lenco designed the law enforcement version of the MedCat to meet the combined requirements of SWAT and tactical EMS teams and is equipped to provide operators with a safe environment for handling trauma cases.

All BearCat models are built with steel armor plates certified to defeat multiple hits from 7.62 armor-piercing or .50-caliber BMG rounds, while ceilings and floors provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection. The vehicles also have ballistic glass windows.

The lengthened MedCat variant provides space for two litters to be secured while still leaving enough space for other passengers to continue operations. The vehicles are equipped with oxygen tanks, a lighted work station, and ample compartments for medical supplies and gear storage. To meet non-medical needs, the MedCats have a roof hatch with a gunner’s stand, gun ports, and a radio compartment work station for communications.

The MedCat is built on a heavy-duty commercial truck platform, so warranty repairs, maintenance service, and parts replacements can be performed at most OEM dealers, truck centers, and retail parts stores.