Photo via Facebook/Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

Photo via Facebook/Hernando Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

The Hernando Beach (Fla.) Volunteer Fire Department needs to improve its tracking of fuel card use, according to a report from the Hernando County Audit Services Department.

The audit offered three recommendations to improve the deparment's record-keeping.

First, the department should establish departmental policies and procedures that should include, at a minimum, safeguarding PINs for fuel cards and a requirement that receipts for fuel purchases be obtained. It should also consider following the county’s vehicle use policy.

Second, the administration should match line items on the WEX monthly billing statements against card receipts turned in by volunteers.

Lastly, the department should provide guidance regarding the appropriate use of vehicles because the audit found two vehicles accounting for the majority of fuel costs.

In response, the fire department developed a new policy; applied for new WEX fuel cards for officers; and agreed to log vehicle mileage regularly. The new policy defines authorized drivers and passengers and states that operators must obtain receipts when fueling. The agency must also track each vehicle's use outside the county in a book located in the glove compartment.

For the full audit, click here.

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