The City of Rome, N.Y., is considering short-cycling its vehicles in an effort to update its aging fleet. Officials are currently working with an auction company to see if the plan is possible.

"We know there are other cities and towns that already have this plan going, and they make out very well. They run the vehicles for a couple of years and get rid of it and get something new," Art Golden, equipment service manager, told Government Fleet.

The plan is spearheaded by the city mayor, who recently went to an auto auction and saw relatively new vehicles being sold at high prices. When he inquired about the vehicles, he found out they were fleet vehicles from a nearby city.

Rome is looking to partner with a local auction company with experience in short-cycling on this project. Representatives at Roy Teitsworth Inc., are aware of what sells, and they have already recommended the city purchase white vehicles instead of the customary orange. Golden said the city is willing to change to white vehicles and use decals if it means it can keep newer vehicles in service.

The city does not have a replacement budget, so getting new vehicles is always a challenge, Golden said. That's why he hopes this plan will go through. The obstacle, however, may be in obtaining the funding to buy the first group of the new vehicles.

"We don't have anything that's very good to sell to get it started," he said. The vehicles that could be affected by this program are about five to ten years old.

The Central Maintenance department has about 300 units and about 10 staff members. They maintain everything except fire department vehicles.